Jaredís Boat Sets Sail


By Jared Eudell


Eight years ago, I was a college sophomore at Fairleigh Dickinson University when my Marine Biology professor booked my class on a Hackensack Riverkeeper Eco-Cruise with Captain Bill Sheehan. I was impressed with what I heard, stunned with what I saw, and amazed that I was only student in the class that wanted to volunteer for this one-man armada.


I took on responsibility quickly. Before long, I was managing the Urban Fishing Program, the Canoe Livery (now the Paddling Center), and several other small programs. When I graduated FDU in 2002, other staff had been hired and I joined their ranks as a full-time staffer of Hackensack Riverkeeper.


Working for this team has been an exceptional experience. For eight years, Iíve advocated for a cleaner ecosystem and a better quality of life for the millions of people that live in the most densely populated and most heavily polluted region of the country. Iím extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to add my talents to that task.


But there are other challenges out there, and Iím anxious to try out other interests. I am moving near Philadelphia in search of a job involving scientific research or environmental consulting.


I want to thank Captain Bill, Hughie, Lisa R, Lisa K, Kathy, our many Watershed Ambassadors, the HRI Board of Trustees and all of the great friends and colleagues with whom Iíve had the pleasure to work. It is very difficult to leave these people and the extraordinary atmosphere in which we work.


I entrust my position to the capable, experienced hands of Nick Vos-Wein who was our Watershed Ambassador in 2003-04, continued to volunteer last year, and who, without hesitation, accepted the position of Project Manager. He will no doubt continue to grow the many educational and recreational projects of Hackensack Riverkeeper.


Please keep up the fight for our natural resources. They are precious and becoming ever more scarce. In the words of Al Gore, ďThe Earth is where we make our stand!Ē


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