Waterkeeper Alliance Welcomes 13 New

Waterkeepers Worldwide


In December, the Board of Directors of the Waterkeeper Alliance approved 13 new Waterkeeper programs, bringing the total worldwide to 157. Among the new programs are the Turkey Creekkeeper in Gulfport, Mississippi, led by Derrick Evans, one of the strongest activists in that state, especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This is the first Waterkeeper in the state of Mississippi.


The Board also approved and 12 Riverkeepers in India. “This is an achievement that speaks volumes about the hard work and success of all Waterkeepers,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president of the Waterkeeper Alliance. “To have the Waterkeeper movement cast off into India and Asia reflects the belief of many people that advocacy on the grassroots level, Waterkeeper advocacy, is the premier model to effectively clean up and protect our waterways and communities.”


The effort in India is being led by Dr. Vandana Shiva, one of the strongest and most respected environmental activists in the world. She has unified communities on the Ganga, Yamuna, Ken, and Betwa Rivers in their efforts to win back their rivers, and to become Riverkeepers. The Indian programs are: Ganga Riverkeeper (Upper Basin); Ganga Riverkeeper (Mid Upper Basin); Ganga Riverkeeper (Mid Lower Basin); Ganga Riverkeeper (Lower Basin); Yamuna Riverkeeper (Upstream Basin); Yamuna Riverkeeper (Mid-upstream Basin); Yamuna Riverkeeper (Mid-downstream Basin); Yamuna Riverkeeper (Downstream Basin); Upper Ken Riverkeeper; Lower Ken Riverkeeper; Upper Betwa Riverkeeper; and Lower Betwa Riverkeeper.


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