Take Action


Hackensack Riverkeeper operates primarily on contributions from concerned citizens, such as yourself, and from other conservation-focused organizations. Please make a contribution to help us spread the important message of environmental health and protection within the Hackensack Watershed. Donate now.


A big part of Hackensack Riverkeeper’s mission to protect, preserve and restore the Hackensack River watershed is to engage the people of our watershed to take responsibility for it. Throughout the year, we invite the community to participate in the many River Cleanups we host in various locations in the watershed. Learn more.

Clean Streets = Clean Water Campaign

Hackensack Riverkeeper and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office are partnering on a joint anti-litter campaign designed to reduce the amount of trash that makes its way from the county’s roadways into its waterways and beyond! Learn how to do your part to end litter.

Report Pollution

Reports from citizens are vital for effective enforcement of environmental laws. You can help by keeping an eye out for signs of pollution like oil spills, sewage discharges, and illegal dumping.  If you encounter an incident, please report it to the appropriate authority. Learn how to report pollution.


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