Clean Streets/Clean Water Campaign

Introducing the “Clean Streets = Clean Water” Campaign

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAClean Streets = Clean Water Campaign: the Bergen County Litter Marshal Program

One way YOU can help tackle litter and stop water pollution at the source!

Even seen someone throwing fast food wrappers out of their car window? Emptying their truck’s ashtray in a parking lot? Casually tossing a lit cigarette butt onto a Bergen County street without a care?

Did it make you mad? Make you wish there was SOME WAY to report such behavior?

THERE IS! Hackensack Riverkeeper and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department are partners in a cooperative anti-litter campaign designed to reduce the amount of trash that makes its way from the county’s roadways into its waterways and beyond. It’s easy, safe and anonymous. Here’s how it works:

1. You witness someone littering from a vehicle; then
2. Safely pull over and write down the make, model & color of the alleged offender’s vehicle; then
3. Call Hackensack Riverkeeper’s Watershed Watch Hotline: 1-877-CPT BILL (1-877-278-2455)

When you call, say, “I want to make a Clean Streets Clean Water report.” You will be asked to provide the following information:

• Date, time and location of the incident;
• Make, model and color of the vehicle; and
• Type of litter witnessed.

You will NOT be asked to provide your name. If you prefer, you can e-mail your report to

Once each month we forward all reports to a special desk at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department which runs a trace on each license number and sends a Litter Violation Notice to the vehicle owner warning them of potential fines and penalties. The communication also includes a pamphlet describing the environmental impact and consequences of litter.

You can also text your report to 274637 and include “Bergen Tip” in the message. Just be sure to include the date, time, location, vehicle make, model, color; license plate number and the type of litter tossed. And remember: DON’T TEXT WHILE DRIVING!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time only BERGEN COUNTY, NJ has partnered with us on this aggressive anti-litter campaign so we can only take reports from that county.

Start-up funding for the CLEAN STREETS = CLEAN WATER: Bergen County Litter Marshal Program was provided by the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program, and the Watershed Institute. Today the program is funded entirely by supporters of Hackensack Riverkeeper.

Next time you see somebody throwing litter out of a car, write it down & give us a call.

Thanks for doing your part to end litter!

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