World Series of Birding Fundraiser

Captain Hugh Carola started our WSB team – the Hackensack RiverCreepers – back in 2002. Since then the ‘Creepers have amassed a 18-year cumulative list of 188 species, including their team-best tally of 129 in 2012. Together the team, their supporters and the birds they’ve listed have raised over $150,000 to support our never-ending work to protect, preserve and restore the Hackensack River.

According to our good friends at NJ Audubon, the World Series of Birding is “… a game, a marathon, a challenge, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun!” It’s a twenty-four hour “bird-a-thon” during which teams of birders like our ‘Creepers crisscross the state looking to list as many bird species – and raise as much cash for conservation – as possible.

The World Series of Birding was the brainchild of NJAS Vice President Pete Dunne and the late, great Roger Tory Peterson. The first WSB began at midnight on May 19, 1984, when thirteen teams set out on what has since become North America’s premier birding event. In addition to finding birds and raising funds, the teams’ realized that the WSB was – and is – a great way to focus worldwide attention on the habitat needs of migrating birds.

The event succeeded beyond anyone’s dreams. Today there are thousands of participants, including donors and support team members, in the event and the event has grown into several categories and ways to play. Here’s how YOU can do just that:

– Captain Hugh Carola


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